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Sitearm is le nom en ligne (online name) for James Neville, Owner, Siterma The World In 4D.

Our focus is consulting and development in virtual realities for human expression, including community, spirituality, arts. education, commerce, and tourism.

Showcase projects include:
. Dublin Virtually Live
. Dublin Institute of Technology
  in Dublin Virtually Live
. Sister Cities and Friends
. Live Radio SL

The UP Experience
Second Life®
Dublin Virtually Live
Dublin Institute of Technology in Dublin Virtually Live
Sister Cities - The World In 3D Online
Live Radio SL - 24.7 Live Music Previewsr
MetaMeets - 3D Web Conference
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Yalda Davis, The Prince's Rainforest Project
The Prince's Rainforests Project would like to extend its thanks and gratitude for your involvement in, and support for, the Rainforest SOS Second Life concert on 9th November 2009. Digital channels have been key to the success of this campaign. The concert on Second Life takes this approach further into the realms of digital exploration!
John Mahon, Dublin Virtually Live
The ability to provide innovative and creative solutions and scale of support to projects, as well as an intuitive understanding of customer needs, makes for an exceptional developer. I offer an unreserved recommendation of Siterma for Second Life development.
Sam Johnston, Dublin Tourism
By sponsoring Second Life® activity we have received increased media coverage and additional exposure in a cost effective manner. We can deliver our message more widely. It is straight forward to deal with and has a large audience. Work with someone who knows Second Life - the knowledge and expertise of a partner will be invaluable
Tori Horton, USC Institute for Network Culture
More than all their technical support and wise counsel is their passion to build a community with aesthetic beauty and presence.
Christopher Carella, Electric Sheep Company
Their experience running events and communities in virtual worlds makes them very capable community managers.
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